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KUALA LUMPUR: Unique Fire Holdings Bhd, which is en route to a listing on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia on Aug 5, is seeking to raise RM21.78mil from its initial public offering (IPO).

Unique Fire is involved in the assembly, distribution and manufacture of active fire protection systems, equipment and accessories for the built environment.

“The IPO will raise approximately RM21.78mil, of which RM2.5mil has been earmarked for the expansion of manufacturing facilities and RM6mil for expansion of geographical coverage.

“Another RM5.3mil and RM4.58mil will be set aside for expansion of operational capabilities and working capital respectively. The remaining RM3.4mil will be utilised to fund the listing expenses,” Unique Fire said in a statement.

The IPO entails a public issue of 83.75 million new Unique Fire shares and an offer for sale of 30.00 million existing shares at an issue/offer price of 26 sen per share.

Of the 83.75 million new shares, 20 million shares will be made available for application by the Malaysian public, while eight million shares will be allocated for application by eligible directors and employees as well as persons who have contributed in the success of the group.

Another 5.75 million shares to selected investors by way of private placement while the remaining of 50 million shares Bumiputera investors approved by the International Trade and Industry Ministry by way of private placement.

Based on its enlarged issued share capital of 400.00 million shares and issue/offer price of 26 sen per share, Unique Fire’s market capitalisation is arrived at RM104mil upon its listing on Bursa Securities.

Alliance Islamic Bank Bhd is their principal adviser, sponsor, sole underwriter and placement agent.

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    “For example, in Indonesia chicken is sold for RM12.44/kg, Thailand for RM11.65/1.2kg-1.4 kg; Brunei for RM14.65/kg; Singapore for RM24.25/kg; the Philippines for RM16.59/kg; and Vietnam for RM23.09/1.2kg-1.4kg),” he said.很耐人寻味