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The Singapore Food Agency says it is working with the importers and Indonesian authorities to investigate and rectify the cause of ethylene oxide contamination. – Singapore Food Agency website pic, October 8, 2022.

THE Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has extended the recall of two additional Mie Sedaap products from Indonesia due to the presence of ethylene oxide.

The agency said it has directed Arklife Distributors Pte Ltd to recall Mie Sedaap Soto flavour instant noodles and Curry flavour instant noodles.

Earlier, the SFA had on October 6 directed Sheng Sheng F&B Industries Pte Ltd to recall Mie Sedaap Korean Spicy Soup instant noodles and Korean Spicy Chicken instant noodles due to the presence of the substance.

“The recall (two additional Mie Sedaap products) is ongoing,” said the agency in a statement today.

The SFA noted that it is continuing regulatory testing of other Mie Sedaap instant noodle products.

“We are also working with the importers and Indonesian authorities to investigate and rectify the cause of ethylene oxide contamination.”




“Should ethylene oxide be detected beyond the stipulated maximum levels, SFA will initiate recalls of the affected products,” it said.

According to the SFA, ethylene oxide is a pesticide that is not authorised for use in food.

“It can be used to fumigate agricultural products to prevent microbial contamination,” said the agency.

Under the Singapore Food Regulations, the SFA said ethylene oxide is allowed to be used in the sterilisation of spices.

The Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) of ethylene oxide in spices should not exceed 50mg/kg.

Although there is no immediate risk to the consumption of food contaminated with low levels of ethylene oxide, long-term exposure may lead to health issues.

Therefore, exposure to this substance should be minimised, said the SFA. – Bernama, October 8, 2022. 



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