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,Gerakan, which is now a member of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) alliance, is on a mission to win the hearts and minds of non-Malay voters, according to its president Dominic Lau.On the same note, the party would not lose sight of Penang, which Gerakan considers its frontline state in the next general election.Gerakan had ruled the northern state for close to four decades before losing power in the 2008 general election.In a joint interview with the Chinese media, Lau said he would leave seat negotiations for the polls to the PN presidential council.“The (council) meeting would only take place after Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin completes his quarantine following his return from overseas,” he said when quizzed.Since its topmost priority is to win support from non-Malays, Lau said Gerakan would not ask to contest in certain seats.“We are not a race-based party.“We talk about Malaysian needs, not the needs of certain races. We believe that the inclusive approach is important to govern this nation," he stressed. Lau also pointed out that certain PN state chapters have appointed Gerakan representatives as their vice-chairpersons.This, he added, allowed them to join in the discussions and planning for the coming national polls, which would be the first for PN since it captured Putrajaya following a political coup last year.With Umno's latest decision to sever ties with Bersatu for the next general election, Lau predicted that Gerakan could contest in more seats than it did when it was part of the BN coalition.“The parties in PN (Bersatu, PAS, Star, SAPP and Gerakan) would have to contest all 222 parliamentary seats if Umno maintains its stand.“But instead of contesting in 100 seats and losing them all, I would prefer to identify a few seats and focus on them.“This is to ensure Gerakan can return to Parliament to represent the voice of the people,” he added.'100pct improvement'As of Gerakan’s goal for the election, Lau quipped that even winning a single seat would be a 100 percent improvement since the party has no elected representatives at present. In the 2018 general election, Gerakan failed to win any seat.On another matter, the Gerakan president commented on Buntong assemblyperson A Sivasubramaniam quitting the party to join Bersatu.Lau said this could be due to dissatisfaction amongst the party's grassroots over Sivasubramaniam joining Gerakan last year after being with DAP for more than two decades."Maybe we failed to fix the problem quickly. But it is for him to tell whether this is the reason he chose to join Bersatu. We respect his decision,” he added.rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrNonetheless, Lau said it is not healthy for elected representatives to switch parties even within the same political coalition and would address this during the PN meeting.
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